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Office Sanitization Services in Gurugram

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More than 24 Years of Experience

Office Sanitization

Office Sanitization Services in Gurugram, Best Office Sanitization Service Provider in Gurugram, Office Sanitization Company/Companies in Gurugram. Krest provides Office Sanitization Service in all major cities in India including in Gurugram. All functions of Office Sanitization Service are managed professionally. Office Sanitization staff is recruited with utmost care and trained to manage the Office Sanitization Service requirement. Office Sanitization Service is one of the important factors in upkeep and safety of office.  A professionally run Office Sanitization Service makes sure that office area is safe. It helps in providing safe environment to the staff and visitors. Non sanitised office is host to many harmful germs, bacteria, virus and fungi.

Sanitised Office helps in improving productivity of the staff and a feel good factor. Krest provides professional Office Sanitization Service for all type of commercial premises which include corporate office, head office, software companies, call centers, restaurants, hotels, Oyo rooms, resorts, Shopping Malls,  and other commercial buildings.

Krest Facility Services is a well-established housekeeping services brand in India since 2012. Mr. Bharat Bhushan, who is a well-established name in the Facility Industry, has founded Krest Facility Services. It provides Office Sanitization Service to various multi national companies and Indian blue chip companies in Gurugram. Krest Facility Services is the brand of Krest Facilitators P Ltd. Krest Facilitators P Ltd has served more than 240 clients in last nine years.

ousekeepers at Krest Housekeeping Services work with utmost planning, execution of the Sanitisation schedule.

Krest Office Sanitization Service provides constant support to its clients from its centralized Help Desk Call Centre. Krest provides contact details of its unique three tier Helpdesk to all team members of  clients admin and facility team.

Krest Office Sanitization Service provides dedicated services experts for its clients. Area Manager visits client’s office on a regular basis to consult with Facility Manager and Admin Managers to brief Office Sanitization service process.

Krest Office Sanitization Service provides Gold Standard housekeeping services for all the office area. Misting machine, Diversey chemical Virex II 256 is used for Office Sanitization Service.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services are offered for Office Sanitization Service for  all sizes of office. Scope for AMC can be customized as per requirement of the customer. Provide your contact details to get a customized AMC proposal to suit your requirement.

Sanisitation process

  • Before starting Office Sanitization process, remove all the eatables from the area.
  • Move out all people.
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Immovable equipment/gadgets to be covered properly. Client needs to switch off all computers and cover them with plastic covers.
  • Disconnect electrical connections and cover all electrical gadgets.
  • We use misting machine for spraying the chemical.
  • Hygiene Specialist during misting wears face mask to avoid inhaling of the mist. They are dressed protective suit for service.
  • Area can be used after allowing a contact period of 30 minutes.
  • Frequency of fogging need to be standardized based on local conditions.
  • Aerial misting consists in creating a fog created from billions of droplets sprayed through an air nozzle.
  • Disinfection using aerial method will be carried out with effective chemical solution, using misting machines
  • The entire Chemical is CIB Certified and Odor less and harmless. All the above chemical concentration depends upon the level of infestation.

Krest Differentiators - Office Sanitization Service

  • Office Office Sanitization : Office Sanitization service is provided for indoor area, outdoor area & vehicles.
  • Recommended Chemicals: Government recommended chemicals are used for Office Sanitization service.
  • Customized Office Sanitization Package: Customized Office Sanitization programs are offered to suit your needs.
  • Office Sanitization Calendar: Customized Office Sanitization Calendar is provided for all AMC Contracts.
  • Expertise: Expert service is provided for all Office Sanitization service.
  • Pan India: Office Sanitization Service is provided at Pan India level.

Krest Differentiators - General
1. Krest provides Gold Standard Client Service.
2. We offer ‘One stop solution’ for all your Facility needs.
3. Krest focuses on Cost, Quality and Timely Delivery of products and services.
4. We are 100% compliant for GST, PF & ESI.
5. Krest offers Three Tier Krest Helpdesk for effective communication and resolution of issues.
6.  We take Feedback after completion of every order given by the client.

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