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Maintenance Supply Services in Gurugram

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More than 24 Years of Experience

Maintenance Supply

Maintenance Supply Services in Gurugram, Best Maintenance Supply Service Provider in Gurugram, Maintenance Supply Company/Companies in Gurugram. Krest provides Maintenance Supplies in all major cities in India including in Gurugram. All functions of Maintenance Supplies are managed professionally.

Krest is a well-established Maintenance Supplies brand in India since 2012. Mr. Bharat Bhushan, who is a well-established name in the Facility Industry, has founded Krest Facility Services. It provides Maintenance Supplies to various multi national companies and Indian blue chip companies in Gurugram. Krest Facility Services is the brand of Krest Facilitators P Ltd. Krest Facilitators P Ltd has served more than 240 clients in last nine years.

Krest Maintenance Supplies delivers to various organizations including software companies, call centers, corporate offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals, schools, multi national companies etc. Krest Maintenance Supplies provides constant support to the its clients at all sites from its centralized Help Desk Call Centre. Krest provides contact details of its unique three tier Helpdesk to all team members

Krest provides replacement of Maintenance Supplies which may have manufacturing defects (under warranty clause). Krest Manager visit client’s office on a regular basis to consult with on site client team and Facility Manager and Admin Managers.

Krest Maintenance Supplies provides Gold Standard services for all the clients.

Following process is followed for Maintenance Supplies:

  1. Email your requirement at
  2. We provide all types of Material (Maintenance Supplies)
  3. Our Helpdesk Executive will call you
  4. We discuss your requirement in detail
  5. We will email Commercial Proposal to you
  6. Negotiate and clarify doubts
  7. Approve Commercial Proposal
  8. Sign the agreement
  9. And Email your requirement
  10. Krest starts Material Delivery Service

Advantages of Maintenance Supplies are as follows:

1. One window shop for all Maintenance Supplies and all brands.
2. Krest Maintenance Supplies delivers at your doorstep.
3. Krest provides credit period after signing of agreement.
4. Savings through optimization of procurement process of Maintenance Supplies.
5. Material is supplied within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of order.
6. Dedicated Account Manager is allocated for all clients.

Krest Differentiators

  1. Pin to Plane: All consumable and durable material is supplied. 
  2. Customized Material: Customized material is supplied
  3. Expertise: Expertise in Maintenance Supplies.
  4. Pan India: Material is supplied at Pan India level.
  5. Quality Guarantee: All material is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
  6. Machines on rent: Machines are provided on rent (Xerox, Kyocera)

Krest Differentiators - General

1. Gold Standard Client Service.
2. One stop solution for all your Facility needs.
3. We focus on Cost, Quality and Timely Delivery of products and services.
4. 100% compliance for GST, PF & ESI.
5. Three Tier Krest Helpdesk for effective communication and resolution of issues.
6. Feedback is taken after completion of every order.

List of Maintenance Supplies

Electrical Items

  1. Wire 4mm 3 core
  2. Wire 10 MM 1 core
  3. 63 Amps TPN
  4. ELCB 63 Amps 2 pole
  5. 20 Amps MCB single pole
  6. MCB box, 40 way
  7. 4X3 PVC box
  8. 4X3 PVC sheet
  9. 16 Amps socket
  10. 16 Amps Switches
  11. Batten 1 inch
  12. Batten 4 inch
  13. PVC gitty
  14. Gypsum Screew-1.5 inch
  15. 4 mm pin type thimble (copper)
  16. 10 mm pin type thimble (Copper)
  17. 10 mm ring type thimble (Copper)
  18. Flexible pipe 2 inch
  19. PVC Tape
  20. 25 mm PVC pipe
  21. Blank
  22. Cable tie 8 inch
  23. Usha 3609FS PTC 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator (White)
  24. 200 mm PVC Cable Tile
  25. 300 mm PVC Cable Tile
  26. 2.5 mm Cooper Pin Type Socket
  27. 4 Way TPN D/Door DB
  28. 63 AMP, 4 Pole MCB
  29. 43 AMP, 2 Pole RCCB 30MA
  30. 20 AMP SP, MCB
  31. 6 Mod PVC Box
  32. 6 Mod PVC Plate
  33. 16 AMP Socket (Thames)
  34. 16 AMP1 Way Switch (Thames)
  35. 6 SQMM Single Core CU Wire (90 mtr)
  36. 4 SQMM Single Core CU Wire (90 mtr)
  37. 2.5 SQMM Single Core CU Wire (90 mtr)

Plumbing Items

  1. Jaquar Z-Spray Shower Tube Flexible 1.5 mtr. Long
  2. Jaquar Z- Spray Gun Ald Chr-563 Brass Health Faucet With Tubes And Hooks (Chrome Finish)
  3. M Sael
  4. Connection Pipe 24inch
  5. Kiwi Mr. Muscle Drainex Powder 50 gm
  6. WD-40 Oil
  7. Tablan tape
  8. Jaquar Diverter Exposed Part Only (Chrome)
  9. Jaquar Bottle trap ALD-CHR-769L250X190
  10. L Bihari Hinges Size 0 Crank
  11. Gypsum Screw 1''
  12. Gypsum Screw 1.5''
  13. Gypsum Screw 2''
  14. Black Cement
  15. Raw salt ( moti type)
  16. Jaquar Sensor Eye
  17. Jaquar Health Fuset
  18. Jaquar Full Tap Set
  19. Jaquar Angel Valve
  20. Hindware Flash Plate
  21. Hindware Sensor Eye
  22. SS West Pipe 32mm
  23. Bottle Trap
  24. West Cupping
  25. Flexible Connection Pipe
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